Rak Buku Femmy

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This book teaches you to trust your instinct. If you suddenly feel fear in a situation, it is probably because your instinct is telling you that there’s danger nearby, so you’d better act fast to avoid it.

But you shouldn’t confuse true fear and worry. If each time you walk in a dark alley, you’re scared that there might be thugs laying in wait, that’s actually worry. Worry is what you feel about what *might* happen, without any reason whatsoever. True fear is what you feel when there is actually danger to you.

Just in case you haven’t learned how to listen to your instinct, the book also gives you some danger signs to look out for when you meet a stranger, as well as some strategies to deal with dangerous or troublesome people. It is also sprinkled with many anecdotes to illustrate these situations, but most of them feel so alien to me. I don’t see how stories about celebrity stalkers and blackmailers have any kind of relevance to my life.

But, as a whole, this book is useful and informative, but I hope I’ll never be in a situation where I’ll need to apply the information I learned from this book.